Puma, G-Star and Marks & Spencers, to name a few. There is not a shortage of substitution stories from the world of fashion. If you study a few of the cases, you might find something you can replicate in your own business.

The following examples have been handpicked by us since they represent solutions to different substitution problems within the textile sector. All success stories are located at SUBSPORT, a web portal that provides lots of information linked to substitution. Apart from the few case stories displayed here, SUBSPORT holds hundreds of substitution stories from companies and organisations, from the textile sector and beyond.

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Benetton tries biodegradable polymers for textile screen printing
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Miko has developed a water-based technology to produce polyurethane and polyamide microfibers
Marks & Spencer has replaced phthalates for screen printing on kidswear
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Fast Retailing replaced nonylphenol ethoxylates in textile production
G-Star has replaced PVC printing with silicone printing
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Puma has replaced perfluorinated compounds with a non-fluorinated alternative for water repellence