To obtain more specific knowledge about your products you need to ask your suppliers.

Getting the correct type of information from your suppliers depends on several factors:

Where in the supply chain your company is located.

Your relationship with your supplier: is it long-term or short-term?

The size of orders and your business relationship.

The requirements set in the purchasing agreement.

Finding the right contact person, with knowledge and ability to give you the right information.

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What should you ask for?

Ask if the supplier follows any specific chemical requirement standard (global, national or company-specific), and ask how they verify this. Verification may include reports and certificates from chemical tests. You can also request Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) or certificates of quality.
Your enquiry should be addressed to the person responsible for production, e.g. the technical manager, product manager or production manager.

To make full use of our evaluation tool, your suppliers need to provide:


  • A detailed description of the composition and materials used in the product.
  • Name or CAS number of chemicals used during the production process.


It is likely that the first information you get will either not be correct or lack vital details. Be persistent – keep asking and explaining what you want. Meeting the supplier and discussing at the production plant might help.

You should be aware that there are many false test reports and other false documents in circulation, so always be critical when you inspect these documents. Consider contacting the test lab or certification company directly to verify correctness.


If you need to verify certificates regarding Oeko-Tex or GOTS you can find the links to their databases here:

Oeko-Tex validity check

GOTS Production units

Once you are done researching the chemicals used in your supply chain and know their names and/or CAS numbers, it’s time to evaluate how problematic they are.

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