Hazardous chemicals are one of the most serious environmental problems, with far-reaching and unpredictable consequences for human health, animals and nature.

The production and use of chemicals have increased dramatically in recent decades. Today, nobody knows just how many chemicals are produced globally. In textile manufacturing, large amounts of chemicals are used and some of these are hazardous and pose a threat to health and the environment, but also your business. Many companies have been the targets of litigation, product recalls and damaged brand reputations because they haven’t considered the impact of chemicals closely enough.

Hazardous chemicals can cause a wide range of diseases and health problems, including various forms of cancer, infertility, obesity, allergies and diabetes. And it’s not only the workers involved in production that are affected; your customers are also at risk.

business free from toxic chemicals

Hazardous chemicals do not make good business sense.

A sudden stricter regulation of “new” chemicals might increase the costs associated with reformulating products and modifying processes, if not foreseen and planned for. This can have significant implications for company performance, especially for companies with long production cycles. Increased public awareness and consumer demand also intensify the pressure on corporate brands not to be associated with chemicals that harm the environment and human health.

At the same time, there are opportunities to seize for those who lead the way. As more and more chemicals become restricted, and the need for safer chemicals or alternative production processes grows, those companies that produce and use these alternatives can gain market share and will probably outperform the sector.